Greece (Finally) Out Of The Euro? As Horrible As This Sounds, This May Be the Best Option

By Paolo von Schirach

May 20, 2013

WASHINGTON – The Greek economy is a disaster worse than post-tsunami Japan, the only difference being that this is a totally man made catastrophe. A movement is emerging in Greece demanding an exit from the Euro. This really means advocating bankruptcy. As horrible as this may sound, realistically it may very well be the best course of action.

Greece will never be able to pay

One of the leaders of this movement publicly stated that Greece will never be able to pay back its enormous debt. The economy is in free fall, unemployment is astronomic, youth unemployment much worse. There is no way that Greece can get out of this hole, while trying to comply with Eurozone mandates.

As sad as this looks, a painful bankruptcy may be the best option for Greece, for Europe and for the international community now forced to keep this comatose patient alive, through relief measures that do not have the strength to transform the situation.


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