Afghan President Hamid Karzai Supports Russia’s Annexation Of Crimea

WASHINGTON – Russia’s annexation of Crimea has just gained an unexpected supporter: Afghan President Hamid Karzai. According to him, the forced annexation after a referendum conducted under military occupation is a “legitimate move”.

America’s ally

Here we go. Spoken as a true ally of the United States and of all the Western countries that openly condemned Putin’s aggression and that collectively provide about 95% of whatever Afghanistan needs just to survive.

Attack the US

We know that Afghan President Hamid Karzai has used every available opportunity to openly attack the United States, its main benefactor. It would appear that this is all part of a cynical attempt to show the home audience that he is not a puppet, and that he is engaged in a noble fight aimed at asserting Afghan sovereignty vis-a-vis a “benefactor” that in fact treats Afghanistan with contempt –almost like a colony.

Trying to win points

While this is really overdone, we can understand Karzai’s  frustration regarding civilian casualties resulting from drone attacks and other anti-Taliban military raids. Karzai feels an obligation to stand up and accuse America of going over the limit. No doubt, Karzai’s calculation is that his prestige at home, (even though he is on his way out of, having completed his terms as President), will grow.

While all this is very unpleasant –in fact quite embarrassing–  Washington does not make too big of a deal about any of this. We know that Karzai is out. We pray that his successor will be more reasonable and that sooner rather than later there will be a deal that will define a future, post-occupation, US military presence in Afghanistan.

And now Karzai supports the annexation of Crimea

But with this unbelievable and certainly not required Crimea statement supporting Russia’s land grab Karzai’s defiance now went even further.

Think of this. Afghanistan has joined Venezuela and Syria as one of three governments in the entire world that recognized Russia’s annexation of Crimea as totally legitimate. According to The New York Times, Karzai’s office released this statement: “We respect the decision the people of Crimea took through a recent referendum that considers Crimea as part of the Russian federation…[…]…Afghanistan always respects the free will of the nations on deciding their future”.

Winning “hearts and minds”?

So, take it from an expert, the Crimean vote was free and therefore legitimate. Apparently this is the net result of Western assistance on building a viable democracy in Afghanistan.  So glad to see that the Afghan President absorbed our teachings so well that now he can set the standard on what free votes are about. Yet another success of our vibrant program aimed at “winning hearts and minds”.


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