Bombing ISIL, One Vehicle At A Time – How Many Years To Achieve US Goals? Each air strike gets a small target. At this rate it will takes years to "degrade and destroy" this terrorist army

WASHINGTON – How is the air war against ISIL waged by the US and a coalition of European and Arab Allies going? The answer is: slowly. Very, very slowly.

Three strikes, three small targets

Here is a recent example. Three US air strikes near Kobani, in Syria, accomplished the following: a tank, an artillery piece and a vehicle were hit, (and presumably disabled or destroyed).

Got that? Three strikes delivered by the best air force in the world get you this mighty result: three pieces of enemy military, or quasi-military equipment destroyed.

At this rate, and depending on how the US Government defines “victory”, this air campaign against ISIL in Syria and Iraq may go on for many years.

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