The World Does Not Like Obama’s America Anti Americanism declined when Obama took office in 2009. But now it is again on the rise


The gist of this analysis is that Obama had a good start. However, under his watch the world’s opinion of America became progressively darker. So much for the “global reset”.

Anti-Americanism in Germany

More recently, the WSJ published the results of an opinion poll taken in Germany, (Anti-US Sentiment Colors German Approach to Ukraine, June 11, 2014). The poll indicates that since 2009, (the year when Obama took office), the percentage of Germans who view the US as a trusted partner went down from 75% to about 45%.

Germany is Europe’s most important country and one of the world’s leading economic powers. Whatever their reasons, the Germans do not like America. If it is indeed true that George W. Bush damaged America’s popularity, Barack Obama has not done much to restore it. “Yes, We Can?”

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