Russia: Chechens Killed Boris Nemtsov. Really? Chechens may have killed him. But most likely someoone paid them to do this

WASHINGTON – Regarding the recent assassination in Moscow of opposition politician Boris Nemtosv, supposedly now we know “the truth”. According to Russian authorities, the Chechens did it. And why? Because Nemtsov apparently had said something in defense of the Charlie Hebdo journalists killed in Paris by home-grown French jihadists angry at the publication’s anti-Islam satire.

The Chechens did it

Nemtsov’s words in support of the French heretics apparently made him a target of the pious Chechens who could not possibly tolerate this outrage. So, there you have it. We have a an official “jihadist” explanation about the culprits and their motives.

Apparently, Islamic fundamentalists will kill public figures who have spoken in support of the blasphemous French journalists. Sadly, Boris Nemtsov had become a target because of his words on behalf of Charlie Hebdo. End of story.

Not believable

Well, let me say that all this sounds unlikely. It is probably true that the Chechens captured by Russian police are indeed those who materially killed Nemtsov. But it is improbable that the whole thing is about an act of Islamic terror conveniently carried out by Islamic Chechens.

Who’s behind the hired killers?

I have no idea about who was behind all this. But it is not far-fetched to assume that anybody who wanted Nemtsov dead could have easily hired some Chechen killers to carry out the assassination. And the Chechens are perfect for this role. In Russia they have a (well-earned) reputation as violent gangsters. And so they are ideally suited for the job. Chechens always do bad things. This bunch was made out of violent Jihadists who killed a public figure as an act of revenge.

Sadly, we shall never know who is really responsible for Nemtsov’s assassination.

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