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Okavango Silence, Midday in Botswana

OKAVANGO Delta, Botswana, (a few years ago) - That was the end of the week-end in the Okavango Delta, in Northern Botswana. It was a beautiful and mild African Winter day. Past midday the sun was high in the sky and quite warm. From the camp we drove in the open Land Rover to the landing strip […]

An Aging Population Is Japan’s Real Problem

WASHINGTON – Supposedly “Abenomics” is economic shock therapy aimed at ending Japan’s decades of slumber. Abenomics is about devaluing the currency in order to energize exports. It is about encouraging stock market investments, eliminating barriers to economic activities, while at the same time increasing consumption taxes in order to contain the gigantic national debt. Some things have worked. […]

Kiev Government Should Allow Eastern Ukraine to Join Russia – No Other Way To End This Crisis

WASHINGTON – Russia has an easy game in Eastern Ukraine. It does not have to invade the country, this way possibly provoking US reactions. It can just continue to fuel chaos by sending in more agents and special forces, (without insignia on their uniforms of course), while paying local ethnic Russians, so that they will continue their […]

Would NATO Defend Estonia? I Am Not So Sure

WASHINGTON – The governments of the vulnerable Baltic States feel uneasy these days. They look at Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea, followed by American and European protests, a few token economic sanctions and….little else. They look at large numbers of Russian troops and other military assets now close to the Ukraine border, and they see […]