“Self-Finlandized” Europe Afraid Of Getting Tough On Russia

WASHINGTON- Way back, during the tense years of the Cold War, some analysts, having noted with concern Europe’s policy to be extra accommodating towards the Soviet Union, coined the expression “self-Finlandization” to...

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Can Israel Win Against Hamas?

WASHINGTON – I do believe that Israel’s invasion of Gaza in order to destroy the tunnels that Hamas built as conduits for getting into Israel itself is fully justified.

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A United Front To Punish Russia For The Destruction Of The Malaysia Airlines Plane?

WASHINGTON – US Secretary of State John Kerry, now in Ukraine, finally said publicly that America has conclusive evidence that the missile used by the Ukrainian rebels to shoot...

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With No Debate Obama Agreed To Extend Iran Nuclear Talks In Vienna

WASHINGTON – In this moment of global turmoil, marked by the shooting down of a Malaysia Airlines aircraft by the Russia-supported Ukrainian rebels, plus Israel’s invasion of Gaza, the winner...

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Timid Obama Unwilling To Blame Russia For The Shooting Down Of Malaysia Airlines 777

WASHINGTON – President Obama’s speech about the shooting down of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 over Eastern Ukraine is quite disappointing. In a very vague and deliberately cautious way...

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Is Ukraine Really Winning Against the Ethnic Russian Insurgents?

WASHINGTON – The only good way to really end the troubles in Eastern Ukraine would be for Russia’s President Vladimir Putin to genuinely recognize that the ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukraine can and should live peacefully within a democratic Ukraine, now run by a legitimate President, Petro Poroshenko. Having acknowledged this, Russia would stop to […]