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The Cure For Many Chronic Diseases Is In Life Style Changes

WASHINGTON – President Obama wants to support pioneering medical research. Hence his proposal to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in what is called now “precision medicine”. The idea is that by creating a detailed map of a person’s genetic make up it is possible to spot variants/abnormalities that become predictors of certain diseases.

China Facing Population Decline

WASHINGTON – It looks totally implausible, but China is facing the real danger of a declining population. Yes, with 1, 355 billion people, China is the most populous country on earth. But the demographic trends indicates decline. With an average of 1.55 children per woman, China is well below “replacement level”. This means that slowly […]

China’s Plans To Improve Air Quality Fall Short

WASHINGTON – After decades of denials, at least the Chinese authorities now recognize that they have a huge environmental problem that in some regions and large cities has reached catastrophic proportions. 30 years of wild industrial growth, with practically zero environmental safeguards, have created a nightmare. No doubt the Chinese economy has grown, incredibly so. No […]

Prime Minister Netanyahu Should Decline Invitation To Speak To The US Congress

WASHINGTON – After the historic defeat suffered by the Democrats in the mid-term elections, President Obama has given no sign that he understands that the political climate has changed. On the contrary, he engaged almost enthusiastically in unilateral actions, (de facto amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants), while pushing a rather partisan agenda in his January 20 State of […]

No More Start-Ups In America

WASHINGTON – There is an almost unquestioned belief that America is the land of entrepreneurs. This is “start-up” country. Anybody with a good idea, if armed with enthusiasm and persistence, is likely to get results. The assumption is that America loves young people going into business. The system helps. It is easy  to get started. […]

Pakistan Points To Saudi Money Funding Militant Groups

WASHINGTON – It is an open secret that Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries have been funding religious schools and militant religious groups in Pakistan. It is however unusual for Pakistani officials to make any specific references to this flow of money to armed groups that end up destabilizing this seriously challenged country and its […]