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Germany’s Green Energy Revolution Based On Belief, Not Economics

WASHINGTON – An interesting WSJ story, (Germany’s Expensive Energy Gamble, August 27, 2014), provides a good illustration of  top-down economic policies motivated mostly by ideological reasons. The German government, presiding over the world’s fourth largest economy and number one within the European Union, years ago decided that the country had to embrace renewable green energy not because it is […]

Ukraine Cannot Win Against Russia – Give Up The East

WASHINGTON – Despite its (surprising) military successes against the pro-Russia rebels, there is no way that Ukraine can “win” this Moscow-funded civil war in the East of the country. And I say this keeping in mind that in any conflict there is no victory until your enemy says: “I lost”, and stops fighting –for good. In other words, nobody can […]

Putin Destroyed All Notions Of A Peaceful Post-Cold War Europe

WASHINGTON – In an almost casual way Russian President Vladimir Putin trashed each and every agreement that supposedly guaranteed lasting peace in post-Cold War Europe. The goal of these agreements and other “confidence building measures”, (including inviting Russian representatives at NATO Headquarters, prior notices of all military maneuvers, and more), was to make sure that […]

Europe Does Not Like America

WASHINGTON – In Italy, Alessandro Di Battista, a member of parliament who belongs to the opposition 5 Stelle, (5 Stars), party, openly declared that Islamic terrorism is a logical –and quite understandable– response to American aggressive policies in the Middle East.