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Moderate Muslims Mostly Silent About Radical Movements That Claim Islamic Roots

WASHINGTON – The self-proclaimed Islamic State, (IS, also known as ISIS or ISIL), now established in parts of Syria and Iraq, must be destroyed. The sooner, the better. But, even more important, the crazy ideology, this bizarre blend of distorted religion and politics that sustains ISIL and other violent organizations that claim to be inspired by the true […]

Tepid Support For The War Against ISIL – Conflict Will Drag On

WASHINGTON – The Obama inspired anti-ISIL (also known as ISIS and IS, for Islamic State) coalition is growing –on paper. In reality, it remains to be seen how nominal expressions of support to fight this terror threat will translate into meaningful actions, be it military engagement, funding for the campaign and/or humanitarian aid for the countless victims of this new conflict.

No Outcry About The US Public Education Crisis

WASHINGTON – ISIL is now recognized as an existential threat to America. Millions have seen two fellow Americans beheaded by an ISIL butcher in a a made for TV staged execution. And so public opinion, generally reluctant about new foreign military adventures, now supports fighting and destroying ISIL in Iraq and Syria, at least for now. Once again […]